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Authentic style is a way of dressing that represents the authentic you. It is not about following existing formulas or rules, it is about creating your own formula and rules. You will know you have successfully created your authentic style when:

  • You always love what you wear

  • You always feel like yourself in what you wear

  • You always have outfits ready to go

  • You don’t waste time shopping excessively

  • You don’t waste money shopping excessively

  • You don’t waste time trying on a million outfits before you leave home



Welcome! My name is Patricia. I have been creating content about my small wardrobe on my YouTube channel A Small Wardrobe since early 2017. I now have a community of 114K beautiful subscribers on that platform. I have also recently started a channel called Create Authentic Style, dedicated to building and inspiring personal style, guided by the essential principles in my signature course Create Authentic Style with A Small Wardrobe.

A Small Wardrobe was born when I started recording my own journey of simplifying my life. After years of frustration, I started to downsize my life and wardrobe in 2016. At first I followed the minimalist wardrobe formulas I saw on YouTube. With time though, I got bored. I realised that I wanted a minimalist wardrobe that was easy to wear and maintain, but was also unique and interesting. There was no formula for this!

 So I began to experiment. Each year I tried to echo the qualities that I loved about minimalist wardrobes - visual simplicity, reduced decision making, versatility - in creating my own personal formula that was not about black, white and grey basics. After a few years I finally figured it out! 

I have posted a video about 8 reasons to find your signature style above, if you are curious. 

This space is the home for my courses about intentional living, minimalism, and of course, my small wardrobe. I have taken what I love about my video work - the creativity, the problem solving, and the sense of community - and turned them into unique learning experiences. I have created these courses using my 10 years of knowledge and experience as a former high school teacher. YOU KNOW I WAS THE COOL ART TEACHER. 😎

My signature body of work, Create Authentic Style with A Small Wardrobe, compresses everything I have learnt in my lifetime about getting dressed into an easy to navigate course that can be completed in just a few weeks. It is a result of 3 years of work, during which I painstakingly obsessed about how I can create real strategies to get you to learn the art of ‘style’, a skill set that is typically seen as inherent, abstract, and completely intuitive!

I look forward to meeting you!


Some people seem to be born with good style, but I absolutely believe the building blocks of good style can be taught! That is why I created this course. Create Authentic Style with a Small Wardrobe is a detailed step by step system to help you develop the perfect wardrobe for your authentic needs. This course represents a holistic approach to style, which recognises that getting dressed is not just about copying someone else, but rather about creating a unique system that works for your specific lifestyle and aesthetic!


This course is nothing like the ‘how to build your style’ clutter of content out there. I won’t ask you to follow an existing wardrobe formula, compose a wardrobe of classic basics, wear only neutral tones or tell you to create a Pinterest board. 


  • Lifetime access to the course for one payment

  • Specific outcome oriented content

  • 15 modules

  • 17 videos

  • Transcripts of all videos

  • Downloadable PDFs

  • Completely unique strategies and learning program

  • Meaningful activities designed to bring key concepts into practice

  • An awesome community of like minded individuals on the same journey

  • My feedback and community feedback when you post in course discussions

  • Price in Australian Dollars


Colour has been a massive part of my small wardrobe journey. Black and white don’t work with my natural colouring, so one of my big small wardrobe questions was ‘which colours do?’. I finally figured that out, and if you would like some help in this area, I have created a free course called Colour Theory for Your Wardrobe. I’m a former art teacher, and I’ve applied the relevant information that I would teach about colour theory in the art world to finding the best colours for your unique self. This free mini course also works as a sample of what unique modules within Create Authentic Style with a Small Wardrobe look like. This course has now been taken by thousands of people. 

I hope you enjoy this free gift!


  1. Which items in your wardrobe do you wear the most?
  2. What satisfaction level do you have with these items?
  3. Do you feel like you are dressing the real you?
  4. Do you have your own personal style formula?
  5. Does your style psychology support good wardrobe decisions?                
  6. Do you have a plan for the future of your wardrobe?

Create Authentic Style with A Small Wardrobe is designed to support you in finding satisfying solutions to these questions. The course has three specific outcomes designed to help you create your unique style, define your personal perimeters, and make a plan for the future of your wardrobe.


‘Thank you Patricia for this course. This is unlike any style course I’ve ever come across. I took a lot of advice from magazines and ended up with a wardrobe that didn’t flatter me. {course specific content hidden} Wow this is life changing in itself. I’ve discovered I even look sad in outfits that don’t flatter me. Also what hairstyle I look good in. So many great things are coming from this and I’m learning that I’m going have to decide to be one woman and I don’t have to fit the mold for every woman. Style is to be practiced daily and own it. - Stephanie, USA

‘Thank you Patricia for creating such a practical course. 

It really gave me insights to my wardrobe. Some tasks made me reflect on things I avoided for a long time. Biggest lesson learned for me is that my current style has to suit my lifestyle. Due to that I reduced my clothes to about 55 pieces.

I'm still in a process of creating a high functioning wardrobe, but I've learned a lot and have a solid base now + I can always come back to the course and I sure will 💕

For those who can afford it but find expensive - think about constantly wasting your money on things you don't need and thank me later 😉’ - Julia, Poland

‘Thank you so much for this course!! I have learned so much and am so grateful for this opportunity. This course helped me learn not only about what I want my wardrobe to look like and how to achieve that, but also the psychology behind my past relationship with clothing and how toxic it was. The modules were easy to follow and broken up in an extremely helpful way. The questions made it easy and simple, while also being thought-provoking and reflective. This course is so amazing and I would absolutely recommend anyone thinking about taking it to go for it. You won't regret it! Overall, I have learned so much and am so grateful for this course, I really have loved it and am excited to do it again in the future!’ - Hannah, USA

‘As someone who already has a small wardrobe this course gave me the confidence to refine it and to figure how to balance the pull of wants with the every day needs of getting dressed.

The modules and activities have given me the tools to think about my wardrobe in new ways and fostered a new sense of contentment with what I already have. All of these lessons take time to develop and “compost” in the brain if you will and moving slowly and rewatching has been a gift.’ - Marie, USA

Hi there! It's been two weeks since I finished the course and I am extremely happy.

The way I see my wardrobe has changed dramatically. Now I understand what colors, fabrics and styles are good for me and fit my lifestyle. I am really exited with working on my clothing and I have already bought one item to add to my collection. I have also decluttered some things that I realised don't work for me anymore.

I loved the course and I totally recommend it. You are going to learn a lot about style but also about what you want for your future you. It has been an amazing procese and I am willing to repeat some of the modules with my summer wardrobe.

Thanks for this opportunity Patricia, you can see it is a course created with a lot of effort and love, congratulations!’ - Gema, Spain

I’ve experimented and played with my style for years, and while it’s still not 100% nailed down, as a result of this course, it’s pretty close! As a woman in the arts, I understand how important it is to life satisfaction to find your true expression. This course was presented in the most clever, creative and intelligent manner of any I’ve experienced, and with all of its well-integrated parts, delivered results. Brava, Patricia!’ - Carol, California